Anomaly goes back to basics for Budweiser

Budweiser and agency Anomaly have abandoned puppies this Super Bowl, although the ‘signature’ Clydesdale horses are still with us.

And set about telling us all the things Budweiser is not, leading to the conclusion that this bit of Americana is “not backing down” (from what? its many critics?) even though it’s “not for everyone.”

It’s the “everybody hates us we don’t care” strategy at $5m a pop.

As such it’s quite smart. Maybe this is what core Bud drinkers feel about themselves, their country and their beer.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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One comment

  1. It’s an “Homage” to W+K’s great 2011 spot for Miller. B/W, heavy Russian revolutionary industrial film, with the great line… “Brewed in vats the size of Rhode Island.” No partying fucktards spraying each other with Nuns Piss. No Clydesdale’s. Anomaly is obviously on a mission to do soporifically bad booze ads… Think Johnnie Walker. Ouch, fucking ouch!