Coca-Cola deploys mass agency line-up for one-brand global rebrand ‘Taste the Feeling’

Coca-Cola has dropped its ‘Open Happiness’ campaign in favour of new one-brand ‘Taste the Feeling.’ This, it seems, is the first time Coke has run an umbrella campaign for all its brands.

It’s using ten agencies altogether, initial work is from Mercado-McCann, Santo, Sra. Rushmore (whoever they might be) and Ogilvy. First up are six TV ads plus digital, print, out of home (below) and shopper materials. Wonder who the other agencies are?

Coke CMO Marcos de Quinto says: “We are reinforcing that Coca-Cola is for everybody. Coca-Cola is one brand with different variants, all of which share the same values and visual iconography. People want their Coca-Cola in different ways, but whichever one they want, they want a Coca-Cola brand with great taste and refreshment.

“We’ve found over time that the more we position Coca-Cola as an icon, the smaller we become. The bigness of Coca-Cola resides in the fact that it’s a simple pleasure – so the humbler we are, the bigger we are. We want to help remind people why they love the product as much as they love the brand.”

Here are the first six TV ads.

So is this a modern ‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke?’ Which is surely the intention.

Just might be. This is proper advertising, like it or loathe it.

MAA creative scale: 8.


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