Aussie lamb’s Operation Boomerang boomerangs

Apparently it’s traditional in Australia to celebrate Australia Day by eating barbied lamb on the beach. That’s if you can evade the forest fires and sharks.

So farming outfit Meat and Livestock Australia and Sydney agency The Monkeys devised ‘Operation Boomerang,’ a fantasy wheeze to round up Aussies abroad and whisk them back to the beach (willingly or not). Featuring newsreader Lee Lin Chin, sports commentator Sam Kekovich, cricketer Mitchell Johnson and World Cup rugby captain Stephen Moore.

But some viewers have complained that boomerangs are aboriginal and Australia Day, which celebrates the Brits finding the place, was a disaster for the indigenous population. Also that one of the rounded up is a vegan.

‘Strewth! It’s just a funny ad.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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  1. Yes, the ‘tradition’ dates all the way back to the first MLC campaign a couple of years ago.

    But it is a funny ad. Mind you, last year’s – featuring Richie Benaud, among other Australian ‘legends’ – was even better.