Grey New York celebrates Canon’s ‘Rebel With A Cause’

Canon USA is launching a ‘Rebel With A Cause’ campaign through Grey New York to celebrate 25 years of its EOS Rebel SLR Camera, claimed to be the first one to make pro-standard photography available for the masses and now with HD video.

The campaign focuses on modern day rebels, first off two elderly parties who are allowed to fulfil their dreams by, respectively, flying a World War Two plane and motor racing. Facilitating this is one Nik Wallenda, of the Flying Wallenda Family, the first man to tightrope across Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon without a safety net. The campaign is filmed on a Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR camera.

Next up in the campaign is hip-hopper and record producer Swizz Beatz, dispensing more opportunities.

It’s a neat idea, also (for those of us un-enamoured of extreme heights) mercifully short on Nik’s exploits.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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