Gravity Road pulls a Christmas cracker for Three

Here’s a stroke of genius for Three’s #makeitright campaign, life seen from a baby’s/child’s point of view – which chiefly seems to consist of idiot parents/adults telling you to smile from close range. Sure somebody else has done this in a commercial before but can’t think of an example.

From interesting London agency Gravity Road rather than AOR Wieden+Kennedy (cue gnashing of teeth). Gravity Road has a habit of popping up on other agencies’ big client’s rosters, working for Sainsbury’s too, among others. It tends to pull social media work (this campaign is on Facebook but it could and maybe should run on other media too).

Anyway, back to the film. Crazy, grinning adults must be especially galling if you have the misfortune to be born on Christmas Day and called Noel. So nobody knows whether they’re giving you birthday presents or Christmas presents – and you only get one.

There’s been a spate of dyspeptic Christmas ads this year, mostly to do with unwanted or ill-chosen gifts. That’s all fine but we’re supposed to enjoy the damned event, however tough that might be.

This manages to subvert the sentimental notion of Christmas but still be quite jolly.

MAA creative scale: one of the very best Christmas ads so – 9.

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