McDonald’s and Leo Burnett set off on the long, long journey to Christmas

I see from the creative agency billings table that Leo Burnett, admirably consistent as ever, is up there among a gaggle of agencies vying for second place behind all-conquering (in billings terms anyway) AMV BBDO.

One reason must be McDonald’s’ ongoing commitment to heavy TV advertising and Leo B will get another billings boost on Christmas Day when the fast food giant, now showing signs of a revival under new CEO Steve Easterbrook, a Brit of course, runs a 90-second ad in high-rating (they hope) Coronation Street. Wonder how much this cost?

So this latest effort is by way of a trailer for the above extravaganza with a ‘call to action’ at the close inviting people to film themselves signing Wizzard’s I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (speak for yourself..) and upload it to McD’s website. The winners to feature in the Christmas ad showcasing the supposed ‘Good Times’ created on Christmas journeys. Good times? Christmas journeys? Roadworks all over the shop and no trains? They’re a nightmare.

Still you can’t blame McDonald’s for trying – at least they’re not offering us families sitting around the Christmas table, pulling crackers and scoffing Big Macs.

Solid stuff as you’d expect from this client/agency duo. The proof, though, will be in that expensive minute and a half.

MAA creative scale:6.5.

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