It’s the battle of the John Lewis Xmas ad spoofs

Clever of Aldi and, presumably, agency McCann Manchester, to spoof John Lewis’ ‘Man on the Moon’ with this, saying its telescopes are better value.

It seems, though, that the two telescopes are not comparable – which takes the edge off it a bit.

But WTF. Doubt that you can see the old boy with either.

In many ways the already famous ad is the music, originally by Oasis. You can see why Aldi avoided that.

Here’s another spoof from jokesters The Poke, with a timely appearance from Darth Vader ahead of the forthcoming Star Wars movie.

And Eager Beaver Films, you get the drift, feature a ‘Dirty Old Man on the Moon.’

Kind of them to give Pfizer a plug. The winner we think.


More proof that “The Man on the Moon’ has entered the culture: fans of Kylie Minogue and James Corden have superimposed the unlikely duo’s Christmas single ‘Only You’ on to the JL ad.

Whats ‘er name from Norway still has it though. Here’s the original for the two and a half people in the world who haven’t seen it.

Actually these A&E efforts for John Lewis get better the more times you see them. Which is pretty remarkable for ads that some people decry as sugary.

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