DLKW Lowe bumps up Post Office Christmas

You don’t expect a Man on the Moon for the Post Office at Christmas (too many jokes about post getting lost for a start) or, indeed, from agency DLKW Lowe.

Lowe follows the school of the simple and single proposition and its campaign for the Post Office, featuring comedian Simon Bird, does that. In the summer it was holiday money and now it’s the promise that your postcards and prezzies will get there if you post up to and including December 23. It’s backed up with a social media campaign sailing under the hashtag #MerryChestBump.

PO CMO Pete Markey says: “The new campaign yet again puts the focus firmly on the customer, showcasing the transformative effect of the Post Office – in this case the good feeling you get when you sort out your Christmas presents at the Post Office.” Rather than consigning them to Yodl or someone, presumably.

Gets the job done, let’s hope the PO does.

Now if only they could promise us we won’t have to queue for ages. But you can say that of most British customer-facing enterprises.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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