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WPP gathers its forces for a Stream marathon

George Parker reminds me (informs actually – must stop cosying up to George or people will talk) that WPP’s annual Stream conference (or (un)conference as it describes itself) starts in Marathon today for three days.

It’s an intriguing choice of venue certainly. Marathon was the scene of a great battle in 490BC between the victorious Greeks and the invading Persians. It’s 26 miles and 385 yards from Athens..

Anyway it promises all sorts of tech-related goodies. Co-hosting the event with WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell is Israeli serial tech investor Yossi Vardi.

By all accounts Stream is a useful and well-regarded (un)conference, at least according to the various tweets and other comments featured on the website. It’s certainly a clever way for WPP to gather clients and prospects on its own terms.

A rather better way than mass attendance at events like Cannes, the various Advertising Weeks etc, where WPP and its agencies have to jostle for room with rivals. Not that this will prevent SMS from cutting a dash in other agreeable locations.

As far as we know (that’s George and me) hacks aren’t invited. But we’d be pleased to hear of any interesting doings all the same.


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