Here’s the new Tesco campaign from BBH

Here’s the new Tesco campaign from BBH featuring Ruth Jones from Gavin and Stacey, playing a headmistress, and her family.

It’s a new spin on the famous Dotty campaign from Lowe Howard-Spink that featured Prunella Scales as pesky shopper Dotty.

Tough to judge, nobody went ‘wow’ when the first Dotty ad hove into view.

The ‘Brand Guarantee’ one is better, I think.

So we’ll cross our fingers and hope they crack it.


Here’s an interesting newish ad from the Rothco agency for Tesco Ireland, ‘Big can be good.’

Well why not grasp the nettle?

MAA creative scale: 7.5.


  1. I guess the original casting brief was Robert Lindsay.
    But Ruth Jones is great

  2. Why try to impersonate a character only the great Robert Lindsay can play.
    The man in this ad is a cringey ass, I am boycottin Tesco cos this advert is so awful

  3. So far, I’ve seen 4 of these new ads. 2 are marginally ok (the haggling one, and the “opening new till” one) but the other 2 (the “gluten-free” and the “hitting on the milf” one) are just awful – not funny at all. I will still shop at Tesco, but these ads aren’t really going to sway many people. I’ve always championed Tesco, and have actually rung them to suggest practical things they could do to make real shoppers happier, but no, expensive adverts, which don’t really address real shoppers’ concerns, are obviously not the answer to their woes.

  4. An unbelievably irritating series of ads which already feel overexposed. I don’t know what the focus groups said but I can’t believe this is money well spent. Maybe I’m not the target demographic.

  5. What a waste of 2 good actors (and a nonentity). This has to be the worst Xmas ad…old fashioned and pedestrian

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