Cadillac XT5 targets fashionistas with New York stunt

Cadillac’s current line is ‘Dare Greatly’ and the General Motors lux brand is trying to appeal to the US’ coast-dwelling trendies rather than gun totin’ dentists in the Mid West, or wherever.

Accordingly it’s relocated Cadillac HQ to New York’s SoHo.

To launch its new XT5 ‘crossover’ it secured permission to fly the monster motor (4600lbs it seems) over Manhattan, the first time cargo has been carried over Manhattan in 15 years. And we all know what happened then. Daring greatly indeed.

Cadillac has teamed with modish menswear brand Public School for the launch, acknowledging it’s trying to appeal to fashionistas not petrol heads.

Has the world gone fashionista mad? Apple’s up to it now with rose-tinted new iPhone 6s.

Quelle fromage.


  1. Mercedes introduced the Maybach to the US in 2002 by flying it by helicopter from the QE2 (bit of class there) to mid-town Manhattan.
    (If you can be bothered watch but skip the first 10 minutes.)
    Let’s hope the XT5 fares better than the Maybach and maybe GM should change their slogan from “Dare Greatly” (yuk!) to “Steal from the Best.”

  2. What a giant wank… Stephen + Robert… Never forget, Fellini did it first with the opening shot of La Dolce Vita… A giant crucifix flying over Rome… Plus Anita Ekberg’s giant tits. Beats the shit out of an ugly Caddy.

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