Audi’s Q7 trumps Bentley in the posh SUV ad wars

They say that property bubbles are a sure sign the world economy is about to take a powder. Maybe every luxury car firm in sight launching improbably huge and expensive SUVs is another.

VW-owned Bentley is launching its vast Bentayga (yuk) SUV, claimed to be world’s fastest, which will set you back about £160,000. And a tank of petrol every five miles or so.

Here’s actor Jean Reno, who actually has owned a string of Bentleys, flogging the marque with a Bentayga lurking coyly in the background. No idea which agency it was, if indeed there was one.

Audi (also owned by VW along with just about everything else) is getting its retaliation in early with a revamp of its top-of-the-range Q7. It’s now armed with the quattro four wheel drive system (I thought all SUVs were supposed to be four wheel drive, for muddy fields etc), a weapon it features to some effect in this wintry global campaign, ‘Legend,’ from Venables Bell in the US.

Reno for Bentley just about carries it off, although it’s the usual aspirational guff. Doing well on YouTube, heading for two million views, although that might be because some cunning media buyer (or machine) has placed it in front of lots of other car vids.

MAA creative scale: 7.

Audi’s Q7 has not set the online world alight yet but it’s the best car ad we’ve seen for ages.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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  1. great car great actor león the profesional a classic movie wasabi a great movie ronin a great movie jean reno is a great actor

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