WPP’s Cavalry faces calvary as Coors Light quits

Coors-Light-Logo1One of WPP’s innumerable ‘bespoke’ agencies, Cavalry set up to handle flagship Miller Coors brand Coors Light in the US three years ago, is in doubt following Coors’ decision to review the business. Cavalry, which employs 60 people, isn’t repitching.

Miller Coors’ new CMO David Kroll says: “It’s frankly just time for a change,” which doesn’t suggest he’s too impressed by Cavalry. He says he wants “new media and consistently great creative.” Coors Light spends about $150m in the US.

There are many problems with such bespoke agencies, not least what happens when a new client comes along. They may find someone else’s arrangement too restricting and want to play the field. Also, can an agency that works mainly on one piece of business attract the talent it needs?

Coors Light, like its great rival Bud Light, is struggling in the sales stakes. Such bland products are losing out to craft beers and other drinks. Bud Light has recently appointed creative heavyweight Wieden+Kennedy to handle its creative account, which may have played a role in Kroll’s thinking.

But it must be questioned if any agency can reverse what seems to be an inexorable sales trend downwards for America’s standard beers.

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