Saatchi New York exhumes ‘pregnant man’ for Fiber One

General Mills’ Fiber One breakfast cereal aims to keep you regular, as all good breakfast cereals do.

So Saatchi & Saatchi New York has produced a gruesome drama about the alternative, drawing (probably) on Charles Saatchi’s celebrated ‘pregnant man’ poster for the Health Education Council.

Here’s Charlie’s version.

Wonder what he makes of this ‘homage, if such it be, given that he and brother Maurice were unceremoniously booted out of S&S by ungrateful shareholders.

But it’s a clever ad from Saatchi New York.

MAA creative scale (Saatchi New York): 7. Charles Saatchi 9.5 (always felt it should been ‘you who got pregnant’).

One Comment

  1. Oh dear… Oh fucking dear… Another demonstration that you should never remake a classic. Remember the new pathetic version of “The Italian Job.” Movie? I just told you to blow the bloody doors off. The original ad for the Family Planning Association was about taking precautions before shagging whilst pissed. This travesty is about taking a shit thanks to Fiber One. Charlie must be pissed. But then again, Saatchi Saatchi NY, has fuck all to do with the original Cockney Gits… And it certainly shows.
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

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