BT Sport’s ‘Beat the Bin’ online film scores

The Premier League has started (well someone entombed in a cellar might not know) and already we have Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho throwing a vintage collection of strops. Will Jose resign in a huff (not enough new players and nobody loves him, it seems) and go off to manage, say, Wycombe Wanderers?

Sky’s great rival BT sport is putting most of its eggs in the Champion’s League basket and will be desperate to see a better performance from English clubs this year.

Its strategy seems to be to show that it’s the best of pals with a collection of starry footballer; some of whom are playing in the Champion’s League, other retired ones who are no doubt picking up huge cheques for sharing their views with us.

We didn’t like the first ‘real’ ad that appeared in the campaign – far too blingy – but this little online film for its ‘Beat the Bin’ competition is much better. It almost succeeds in making the multi-millionaires human.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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