Yet more #LikeAGirl from P&G and Always – this time telling teenies to be ‘unstoppable’

I don’t know about girls becoming ‘unstoppable’ but Procter & Gamble’s #LikeAGirl campaign for Always seems so, rolling out another episode telling teenies they can, indeed, be unstoppable.

Research apparently show that ‘confidence plummets during puberty’ for 72 per cent of girls (we all know about research don’t we?) so the answer is to kick the boxes that box in girls and girl up. Or something.

Is this telling us anything we don’t know? No doubt teenage boys have not dissimilar problems of their own (can’t remember, it was so long ago).

Be interesting to know quite how P&G measures the effectiveness of this campaign. Girl happiness? There’s a task for the researchers. Brand awareness of Always? That must be through the roof. Sales of Always? Or shouldn’t we mention those?

This latest outing has partnered with not-for-profit body TED, another initiative designed to make the world a better place. So presumably it’s sure that this isn’t just a cunning sales message wrapped in a moral fur coat.

I think #LikeAGirl is running out of gas somewhat. But I’ve been wrong about these things before. That’s the thing about ‘viral,’ there always seems to be someone who finds old ideas new and refreshing.

No idea if Leo Burnett had anything to do with ‘Unstoppable.’ The film’s directed by documentary maker Lauren Greenfield and features Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones, among others.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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