Leo Burnett unveils new ‘Good Times’ for McDonald’s

Leo Burnett is busy basking in the glories of #LikeAGirl in Cannes (even more goodies to come surely) but they’ve been busy back at the ranch in London too, producing another of the agency’s slice of life vignettes for McDonald’s.

Apparently it’s the start of a big new campaign, ‘Good Times,’ reminding people why they (used to) love McDonald’s.

This one,’Lonely Hearts,’ is about a blind date (involving, among other things, an art gallery – not something you usually associate with McDonald’s). Just when you think you’re venturing into ‘you’re never alone with a Strand/Big Mac’ territory there’s a twist.

Sweet. MAA creative scale: 8.

But why do ‘Millennials’ (which we presume he is) say “can I get..” as opposed to “can I have..”? One of life’s small and mildly disagreeable mysteries.

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