FCB Inferno’s Simon White: my top tips for Cannes

So here are my predictions, except that’s overstating it. It’s impossible to predict what judges locked in darkened rooms for days on end overloaded with entries will pick. So, more accurately, here is a fairly random collection of campaigns that have stuck in my memory from the last year.

I love campaigns where the budget is used to make the product experience better, rather than just tell people about the product. This campaign from Chipotle is a perfect example.

You’ve got to admire campaigns that multiply their media budget through their creativity. Newcastle Brown Ale muscled in on the Superbowl without a Superbowl budget, and then gate-crashed the 4th July celebrations.

FCB Brasil and Nivea have worked brilliantly together to raise awareness of the dangers of sun and to protect children. They’ve done it again this year with a campaign that teaches children of the importance of protection.

Geico’s Unskippable ads. Hilarious. Bound to do well.

#LoveHasNoLabels is just a great way of dealing with prejudice of all sorts, and was shared by so many.

I picked this United for Healthier Kids campaign because it’s got so much going on. It’s not one idea made to look bigger than it is, they genuinely seem to have everything, from products to its own TV show.

I’m also a massive fan of demo ads. Want to sell an underwater camera? Give it to an Octopus.

There’s so many more I’d like to include, but what I am really looking forward to is the surprises, that no one’s predicting.

unnamed-4Simon White is chief strategy officer of FCB Inferno.

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