Unilever launches Lynx Black – through BBH

Unilever is persisting with the dual strategy for Axe/Lynx and this BBH campaign, ‘Bring the Quiet,’ for new Lynx Black appears to have surfaced first in Australia – where Axe is Lynx (as it is in the UK).

Lynx Black is described as ‘an understated grooming range,’ which is a new one too.

BBH was supposed to have lost its place at the top of the Axe roster to 72andSunny Amsterdam last year. Maybe this was in production at the time. Or BBH is keeping Lynx while 72andSunny has Axe.

imagesOh, I don’t know. Anyway it’s cool and classy despite the soupy storyline (is that CHI’s Sarah Golding under the hat?). And shows the standards Unilever presumably thinks 72andSunny can surpass.

MAA creative scale: 7.

One Comment

  1. Which translates to ‘we’ve turned the fragrance level down a few decibels so you don’t choke everyone in a ten foot radius any more …’

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