Lucky Generals launches ‘Goonervision Song Contest’ for Paddy Power

I’ve often found Paddy Power’s advertising efforts mildly irritating – sometimes more than that.

You set out to be ‘disruptive’ and it often seems as though the kids have taken over the nursery. The missing factor is ‘taste,’ a rather adult instinct that leads you away from nursery-style ‘look at me.’ Even for a noisy Irish bookie.

Since Lucky Generals has been on the case Paddy Power has upped its game, producing some outstanding General Election ads and now a winning Twitter campaign to coincide with next Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest, the ‘Goonervision Song Contest.’

Lucky Generals would have been in the frame to handle the Labour Party in the recent election but it never happened. Labour strategists, assuming the party has them, might wish they had employed the Luckys.

But would they have listened? Departing leader Ed Miliband is polite enough so he would have. Would he and they have paid any attention? Probably not.

Anyway, for Paddy Power – MAA creative scale: 8.

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