BMW celebrates 3 Series in new FCB Inferno campaign

FCB Inferno is riding shotgun on one of the UK’s most desired accounts, BMW.

Robin Wight, of former agency WCRS, would probably give up marrying Polish countesses to get the business back.

FCB’s first effort was pretty creditable, although men in animal skin skirts can never be relied on. Look better on girls, I’ve always thought.

Anyway, here’s the next, apart from a creditable rugby sponsorship tie-up. This time it’s celebrating 40 years of the BMW 3 Series, the car that’s made BMW’s fame and fortune.

They haven’t changed that much have they? The predecessor, the BMW whatever-it-was, was much more more interesting with pop-eyed headlights and bits all over the place. Very popular with Bailey-style photographers, as I recall.

Does the job, doesn’t drop the ball (to extend the rugby connection). Could have done with a bigger budget and more time.

But the star of the show is the print campaign, showing Beemers through the ages. Here are some of them.





And all of them.


Plus a Cromwell Road outdoor spectacular.

Nice to see print taking centre stage, obviously BMW thinks its customers are literate.

MAA creative scale: 7.5

This is an updated version of an earlier post.

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