FCB Inferno scores with BMW’s ‘Road To Twickenham’

BMW is ‘supporting’ England rugby and the lads need all the help they can get as they set off for the National Stadium in Cardiff to play Wales tonight.

Two years ago Wales stuffed them 30-3 and the Taffys will doubtless be in a similarly vengeful frame of mind tonight. Not quite sure what they’re trying to avenge but there’ll be lots of options.

At first I thought that this new BMW ad from FCB Inferno was about that particular journey but it isn’t, it’s the ‘Road To Twickenham,’ a rather less forbidding prospect as it’s home territory.

Not a rugby player or rugby ball in sight. And, mercifully, none of that jingoistic hooha that makes attending a game at Twickers akin to signing up for the Army.

Top stuff. MAA creative scale: 7.5

The art director was Neil Durber and the copywriter Nick O’Bryan-Tear. It was directed by CD Morrish for Stink with post by MPC.

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