Wieden+Kennedy Finish debut confirms return to form

Wieden+Kennedy London is adjusting to life without Tesco – real life possibly – which should mean that the agency is recapturing its mojo, somewhat battered over the past couple of years as it tried to cope with a huge client in complete disarray.

It bounced back last year with its Type R work for Honda, the best digital ad of 2014 and, in its full interactive guise, a hot favourite to pick up Cannes gongs and the like this year.

Here’s its debut campaign for RB’s Finish dishwasher detergent.

Not as whizzy as Honda (it is for dishwasher stuff after all) but spot on. MAA creative scale: 7.

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  1. Neil Christie is a God… Well… A second tier God after me… But who knows, one day, it could all fall into place. Meantime, I am still sat on my lawn chair outside their grungy East End offices in the pissing down rain waiting for Ruby to bring me a pork pie… Prizes to MAA readers who know what the fuck I am talking about. Anyway… Back to the Fourth Reich “artisanaly holistically” distilled potato vodka.

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