Johnny Hornby: this is how you win the General Election

None of the parties fighting out the UK General Election seems to have hired Johnny Hornby, grand vizier of CHI & Partners and The&Partnership, even though CHI has worked for both Labour (in the Tony Blair era) and the Tories last time round.

Well they could be missing a trick. Here’s Hornby on Sky News yesterday, the day Labour launched its mostly well received manifesto.

He’s particularly interesting on the way elections have gone from ‘main media’ events (‘it’s the Sun wot won it’ in the John Major/Neil Kinnock 1992 election) to making an impact on the ground in key marginal seats, this year’s battle.

He also seems to imply that the Tories bunging millions at social media is not the way to win this fight whereas Ed Miliband’s army of volunteers might be.

Useful advice for al the parties, with three weeks or so still to go.

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