Is Waitrose heading for Lucky Generals?

My spies tell me that creative Ken Hoggins has been sighted in the vicinity of newbie agency Lucky Generals.

waitrose_hopwood_park_mark_leaver3-300x225Ken has worked on the Waitrose account in various guises, most notably at Hoggins O’Shea which handled the account for a number of years. Latterly he joined BBH when the account came its way following a car crash at another newbie agency Now.

BBH resigned Waitrose in January this year to take on the much larger Tesco. Its first work is due quite soon.

Lucky Generals is a combo of people with a lot of retail experience, most notably from agency MCBD, including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

Some of London’s finest are pitching for Waitrose, including adam&eveDDB, which handles Waitrose’s big brother John Lewis.

But where there’s a Hoggins there’s often a Waitrose.

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