Halifax targets children in new adam&eveDDB campaign

Halifax is bigging up its selection as the UK’s best children’s account provider (by whom and on what grounds? with a new campaign ‘Charlie Clarke’, through adam&eveDDB.

Financial services voiceovers are interesting aren’t they? For decades the default option has been a softly-spoken Scot, from the supposed home of financial rigour and care with the bawbees. Now, in the era when the SNP is being depicted as a collection of raging Picts and Scots out to dismember the UK, these seem less popular.

This one essays ‘faux bombast,’ as beloved by Mother in its series. Not sure about these either – what are they trying to conceal?

But it does the job. MAA creative scale: 6.

I am rather confused by Lloyds Banking Group’s marketing strategy though. Lloyds owns Halifax (as battered Lloyds shareholders will testify). But surely Halifax’s inducements to switch accounts end up attracting lots of Lloyds customers. So how does that work?

Tell I’m not a banker…

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