Is Facebook’s in-house Factory building ‘Friends’ into a proper old-style campaign?

Here’s another ‘Friends’ ad from Facebook’s in-house agency The Factory – well factories churn out stuff don’t they? – directed by Mike Mills of MJZ (so they don’t do everything themselves).

An agency boss was telling me recently that you just don’t see ‘proper’ campaigns these days even though clients still say they love them. The trouble is that, when pushed, they talk about one that happened 20 years ago.

Amazing how a few bars from The Cure lifts the whole thing.

Very good. MAA creative scale: 7

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  1. Without wishing to sound boringly repetitive… Who me? As i said in my last comment about Facebook-O-Boola… The usual mélange of weepy, feel-good, running, laughing, crying vignettes interspersed with the standard rigidly posed portraits… Yawn, fucking yawn. Formulaic anyone? They certainly picked the right name… “Factory.” Yawn, yawn…
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

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