McDonald’s tries ‘lovin’ instead of money in bizarre Super Bowl stunt

McDonald’s, which has just booted out CEO Don Thompson in favour of Brit Steve Easterbrook, is running an in-game Super Bowl spot for the first time in ages.

And, rather than ditching its horrible ‘I’m Loving It’ slogan it’s morphed it into a wheeze whereby customers can pay by calling a loved one to tell them how much they….you get the drift. For two weeks from post-Super Bowl February 2.

Except, it appears, that the recipients of this beneficence will be chosen ‘randomly.’

Which may mean that the poor saps serving at McDonald’s are berated by gangs of nasties asserting that they don’t want to pay for their burgers, they just want to call someone. Mad or what?

Kill ‘Lovin’ in all its guises Steve. There’s got to be something better. ‘Where’s the beef?’ No, that was Wendy’s, if memory serves.

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