Can Anomaly pull off another Super Bowl triumph for Budweiser? Damn..

Budweiser stormed the Super Bowl last year with a doggy tear jerker from Anomaly (about 80 trillion YouTube views) and the distressing potion is back this year – with another doggy tear jerker. This time it’s got horses and a rather improbable wolf too.

MAA creative scale:7. My friend George Parker of Adscam will never speak to me again.


  1. Bloody hell… Talk about a load of fucking tripe. Yes, it will be huge on the “Click-O-Rama.” Will it sell Nuns Piss? Only to cretins that drink tasteless brews made from rice (That’s why you can’t call it beer in Germany) As sales of Bud have been declining for years since Americans finally discovered “craft” beers, is this further proof that you can chuck millions down the “Trainspotting” toilet and still not shift a bad product? Yet another advertising “Anomaly?”
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

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