BBH takes the girls out in new global Baileys campaign

Last year BBH produced an arty Busby Berkeley-style epic for Baileys.

This year it’s going all ‘fun girls’ in a new global holiday campaign. It’s reminiscent, in intention at least, of Mother’s ‘Here Come The Girls’ for Boots.

Hmm. Baileys is a Diageo brand, which is prompting the odd ruffle at BBH as it reviews Johnnie Walker.

Nothing wrong with girls on the town of course; why don’t I ever meet them – have to go home too early..

Anyway, there you go.

An old Diageo hand once told me that Baileys was invented because Gilbey’s Gin, then made in Ireland and part of IDV which became Diageo eventually, had lots of spare alcohol. The Irish Dairy Board, or whatever it was called then, had too much milk and cream. They worked out that if you put these two things together with some flavouring you could create a potion which, at the time, was sufficiently low in alcohol to escape the prohibitive purchase tax on spirits brands. So lots of girls got happily pissed on Baileys and a billion-pound brand was born.

Who says we don’t write about marketing?

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