Baileys banks on BBH Busby Berkeley extravaganza

Well this is a big production and no mistake. And it’s been given the five star PR treatment too, even winning a write-up on the Sun’s website as the sexiest commercial ever or some such.

Not entirely sure about that, but there’s more. Apparently brand owner Diageo asked BBH to concoct an all-female creative team to work on it as it wasn’t sure the boys got Baileys. As far as I can see the creative team (all on her own) was Kat Boicuk with Rosie Arnold as creative director.

Rosie says the ad encapsulates the “spirit of modern womanhood” and we’d better take her word for it.

What else? It was directed by French team Megaforce, choreographed by Michael Rooney (son of Mickey) and clearly cost a fortune. Baileys was actually invented by the Gilbey’s Gin company in Ireland in 1971 (it used to be known as Bailey’s Irish Cream). Originally the point of the cream wasn’t the ensuing taste, or its appeal to women, but a successful attempt to lower the duty by reducing the alcohol content. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Is it any good? It isn’t bad. And BBH didn’t drop the ball, which is the first mega-hurdle with these big global campaigns.

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