Visa Checkout takes well-trodden ‘surfer’ path in new campaign from BBDO New York

I’ve never been entirely sure why Visa and Mastercard bother to advertise – which they do to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars each – as when you choose a card you choose the issuer, not the payments facilitator. Business customers might be different, I suppose.

Anyway Visa is now offering a ‘Visa Checkout’ service to make payments from your mobile so I guess you do get to choose them in this instance.

So what better way to show it works than ordering a pizza inside a bloody great wave?

Surfing works in ads, or so lots of agencies and advertisers seem to think.

Years ago we had the still-famous Guinness ‘Surfer’ ad from director Jonathan Glazer and, more recently, Samsung hooked up with the Association of Surfing Professionals, no less. Why? Because surfing’s a nice idea and looks good on YouTube probably – like kittens.

BBDO New York’s opus for Visa tells the story well enough and it’s already had millions of YouTube views. But it’s a bit of a substitute for thought.

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