Rankin spearheads Karmarama Coppafeel campaign

Breast cancer charity Coppafeel is running a new awareness campaign by Karmarama and media agency MediaCom, #whatnormalfeelslike, showing women’s breasts and what they feel about them.

The campaign features photographs by Rankin with typography by Alison Carmichael. It broke this week on outdoor media owner Ocean’s large-format sites in London, Liverpool and Glasgow.

CoppaFeel founder Kris Hallenga, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23, says: “We want to make it normal for girls to talk about their boobs. Society and the media think of breasts in a sexual way but by creating this campaign we want to give boobs back to women and encourage them to think and talk about them in terms beyond size.

“The more normal it is to talk about boobs, the more likely women are to check themselves regularly and spot any changes early.”

Karmarama ECD Caitlin Ryan says: “This groundbreaking campaign is using the power of language to provoke positive behaviour change. By pulling together the different skills here, we have been able to deliver a brave, joined up story across advertising, social and PR.”

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