Leagas Delaney’s new spin on an old problem for Lil-Lets

You should expect the unexpected from Leagas Delaney and in its new campaign for Lil-Lets Smartfit tampons it enlists a bloke to show the girls the benefits of their expanding properties.

Apparently research shows that most women think all tampons are the same but Lil-Lets claims Smartfit fit women’s bodies better by expanding widthways and therefore, um, preventing leaks. Unlike, it implies, the market leader which, we presume, is Tampax.

This is one of three ads in the campaign, set in a coffee shop (good job he’s not using a skinny latte for his demonstration).

Lil-Lets UK head of marketing Mary Young says: “This is the start of an exciting phase for Lil-Lets. Leagas Delaney has delivered a really different, fun and engaging campaign that still has our product demonstration at its heart. By using a man in our communications we hope it will help to normalise the subject of tampons while also showcasing how our SmartFit tampon works.”

Leagas Delaney managing director James Hayhurst says: “In such a conventional category, using a man to demonstrate the product really provides a fresh approach to femcare advertising. It’s not something we have seen before so should get people talking.”

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  1. I was in a meeting room years ago with the then Lil-Lets female client when exactly this demo was performed in front of us. The client said “Now imagine a vagina” as she was about to do precisely what the café chap did when my creative partner said “I’m trying, I’m trying”. Lot’s of male laughter our side of the table, none from the other side. It was a pitch process, needless to say we didn’t win.