And here’s some stuff about new gizmos from Apple…

Apple has unveiled its bigger iPhone 6 and even bigger iPhone 6 Plus, plus its long-awaited Watch (not iWatch) and Apple Pay, a way to pay for things online using your Watch. At least that’s what I think it does.

Here’s CEO Tim Cook unveiling the iPhone 6 (Steve Jobs he ain’t). He begins by saying the 6 is the “biggest advancement” in iPhones. Don’t they have sub-editors in Cupertino?

Here’s a Watch.

All very nice, clever too – you need a 6 to use Apple Pay so you need to all Appled up if you want to do these groovy new things.

What effect will it all have on advertising? There are already people at WPP media agency Mindshare’s LifePlus beating their brains out trying to find angles for the Watch. Bigger iPhone screens and more stuff inside obviously mean better, maybe bigger ads. The app industry will get a much-needed boost.

We’ll have more on this in the coming days, no doubt. In the meantime, while we wait for the ads, join the queue outside your nearest Apple Store….

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