Is newbie agency Royal Order the answer for Miller Lite?

The big North American brewers Anheuser-Busch (now part of Belgian-owned InBev) and MillerCoors are wrestling with declining sales and shuffling their agency packs like a poker player down to his last ten dollars.

The sensible answer might be to produce something that tastes rather better. That’s what UK brewers have mostly done as they’ve killed off a number of one-time big brands in recent years. Mind you, UK beer sales are falling too.

Anyway, MillerCoors is reviewing its whopper Miller Lite account out of a gaggle of WPP shops (chiefly Ogilvy and Johannes Leonardo) and has produced a shortlist of Leo Burnett Chicago, TBWA Los Angeles and new kid on the block Royal Order.

What’s Royal Order you ask? Why it’s a new WPP construct, rather like its Cavalry agency that works for Coors Lite. How this differs from the combo of Ogilvy and JL that currently works on Miller Lite is anyone’s guess. As is the thinking behind the name, which my friend George Parker has some fun with. George suggests that the reason behind the odd name is that the client is called Andy England, so therefore might have royalist inclinations.

Who knows? This seems to be another one of those US pitches without a purpose. Surely all Mr England needs to do is find out who produced this epic from Miller’s past and give them a call.

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  1. The Royal Order was a small design shop within Ogilvy Chicago that was co-owned by a portion of one of the ECDs there, and Ogilvy/WPP ultimately purchased its remaining stake. Looks like now its being used as a conflict / client specific agency.

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