Adidas says it’s ‘all in or nothing’ as it tries to lock in World Cup social media followers

The new Adidas World Cup campaign featuring Lionel Messi sports the rather strange line ‘All In or Nothing’ – the meaning of which has become clear (mercifully).

Adidas, an official World Cup sponsor unlike rival Nike, wants people to sign up for its various World Cup CRM initiatives – or else they automatically opt out. Does that mean they don’t get to see any more Messi ads? It seems to mean access to Adidas’s social media feeds.

Top Adidas marketing honcho Tom Ramsden says: “”This advert presents the ‘#allin or nothing’ attitude by showcasing the dedication and commitment required to winning this great tournament.

“Giving anything less than everything will not win the World Cup. At Adidas, we believe the only way to play sport, unlock your potential and get the most out of the biggest event in sport, is to be ‘all in’.” So recipients of Adidas marketing initiatives have to sign up to the ‘Adidas philosophy.’

Which is a bit cheeky, it’s not their bloody tournament. The point of this, according to Adidas, is the search for “quality not quantity in its social media audiences.”

Well 28m people seen the Messi ad so far (60m have watched Nike’s opener) so presumably there are a lot of dedicated Adidas-ites to go for.

But it still looks like a combination of social media madness and brand arrogance running well out of control. And something of a gift to Nike.

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