Wieden+Kennedy’s new Sao Paulo office earns its keep with World Cup showstopper for Coke

Dan Wieden must feel an even warmer glow around his heart-cum-wallet every time the World Cup comes around.

Earlier today we had W+K’s launch effort for Nike in the World Cup build-up and now it’s W+K Sao Paulo’s turn for Coca-Cola.

Given that W+K opened up in Brazil for the World Cup this is a pretty good payback.

And Coke’s advertising is better than ever now, quite wonderful in many respects, even as the company itself struggles as consumers turn away from sugary stuff. Ads can only do so much…

Some of the above is way over the top. I doubt that it was football that gave the Japanese afflicted by the earthquake/tsunami the strength to struggle on. That assertion should have hit the cutting room floor. But it’s a truly classy bit of film.

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