Does new BBH ‘Soulmates’ campaign show that Unilever is finally taking the Axe to Lynx?

Looks like Unilever’s Axe (sold in the UK and some other markets as Lynx) is becoming Axe everywhere, unless Unilever goes in for some pointless re-cutting of this new ‘Soulmates’ campaign from BBH. As we predicted it would, aeons ago.

And the ad? Nobody does lovelorn quite as well as BBH but this is an engagingly lively treatment.


BBH tells me that there will, indeed, be a Lynx version of this ad shortly for the UK and other Lynx markets (Australia? New Caledonia?). But why do they bother? Axe is a great worldwide brand – selling sexual reassurance to young men, in a nice way. Anyway, there you go. What do we know about marketing?

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