Super Bowl 2014 ad stars: puppies, Muppets, David Beckham and ALS sufferer Steve Gleason

Viewers in Canada get to see the Super Bowl too and, according to CBC, they’re just as interested in the ads as the game (hardly surprising as it was a one-sided rout of the Denver Broncos by the Seattle Seahawks).

This is CBC’s list of the ten most popular ads on social media which includes Anomaly’s winsome puppy for Budweiser, which we’ve already featured but you’re bound to love it again:

As my friend Carl Johnson noted, the Super Bowl requires a big ‘fuck-off’ ad and this certainly is: over 36m YouTube hits already.

If you think the above is brain-softening, try this hit for the Toyota Highlander featuring ex-footballer Terry Crews and, not puppies unusually, but Muppets:

Well the public’s never wrong is it? Is it?

What else was there? David Beckham for H&M in his undies (and not a Sainsbury’s carrier bag in sight):

And, rather more ambitious, this Microsoft spot, ‘Empowerment,’ starring and narrated by former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason who suffers from wasting disease ALS:

Which is the talking point of the Super Bowl so far. No doubt there’ll be more.


Suppose we’d better include this: a right old mess for Bud Light (BBDO’s debut effort) but it seems to be popular.

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