Is Mercedes finally getting adverts with AMV/BBDO?

What you want these days is an ad that gets people talking – and tweeting and all that stuff – and this ad for Mercedes seems to be doing that, in the UK at least.

I have to confess I missed it when it came out but a bunch of hardened media types were telling me today how brilliant it was.

It doesn’t really do it for me (and I’m a Merc owner!) – maybe that’s the cliche music. But you have to agree that Mercedes – which has produced half-hearted and half-competent ad campaigns over the years – has been much better in the UK since it moved to AMV/BBDO.

Anyway, the lesson is clear: if you’ve got one of the best cars in the world get yourself a decent agency.


  1. I’m sure it’s annoying when people do this so sorry in advance but the chicken ad was done by Jung Von Matt not AMV. If that’s already been pointed out to you then a second apology.



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