GlobalHue wins W+K’s Chrysler Super Bowl gig

One of the more interesting aspects of the Super Bowl (stop yawning at the back) is not just which ads are best and do best but who gets the gig?

Budweiser deployed Anomaly and BBDO (for Bud Light) for example. VW used San Francisco newbie Argonaut.

Chrysler has scored mightily in recent years with its inspirational epics about Detroit; first with Eminem and then with Clint Eastwood – both from Wieden+Kennedy.

This year, however, it turned to GlobalHue, an agency best-known for its work aimed at ethnic groups but pretty big all the same, with billings approaching $1bn. And it came up with an ad straight out of the W+K songbook (fair enough, that’s Chrysler’s strategy).

It starts off rather unpromisingly with the tautological “there’s nothing more American than America” (think we knew that) but gets better – and manages to wring out a pretty decent acting performance from Bob Dylan, no less.

You don’t get much more iconic than Bob, who’s having a pretty lucrative Super Bowl (I Want You was purchased by Droga5 for its Chobani ad featuring a ransacking bear).

GlobalHue didn’t drop the ball anyway.

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