Droga5 unveils a pre-game Super Bowl winner with Chobani’s grumpy grizzly

Well that’s a relief – Droga5 is going to the Super Bowl after all.

Last week the agency launched a spoof campaign for Newcastle Brown, bemoaning the fact that the plucky British brand (which is actually owned by Heineken) couldn’t afford the mega-marketing budget required.

But new client Chobani, the brand-leading US Greek-style yogurt, has had a whip-round and raised the not inconsiderable sum required. And the go-go agency has put the money to good use with a funny film featuring a rather alarming grizzly bear in search of ‘natural’ ingredients.

It’s all part of a new ‘How Matters’ campaign – meaning how Chobani makes the stuff – plugging the aforementioned ingredients.

Last year Chobani, which has so far fended off competition from giants like Kraft (which used to employ D5 to plug its Athenos yogurt brand) and Danone, suffered a setback when 80 people came over peculiar after eating a batch. But D5 is hardly likely to be deterred by such things and this film is likely to be one of the viral hits of the Super Bowl.

Grumpy grizzlies are actually good value in ads. Do you remember this brief epic, by Leo Burnett London I think, for John West a few years ago?

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  1. And they used a real fucking bear… No CGI. How’d dey do dat? Also check out the Newcastle Brown stuff “” that won’t run in the Super Bowl. It even has a real focus group of fucktards in it. Obviously, Droga5 only does REAL shit. And yes… As usual, I’m pimping them again, ‘cos they get me legless whenever I am in NYC… Plus, besides being a fucking prince, I am an AdHo.
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

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