BMW goes electric, BETC and Lacoste, Oreos from Brazil, woeful Brit ads and Levi’s new model agency deal

***Here’s a nice new ad from BMW from KBS in New York (can’t be bothered to spell it out) for its new series of electric cars.

Well they look great don’t they?

But why don’t the car manufacturers cough up for charging points? Nissan, for example, has lost zillions on its Leaf electric car because nobody’s convinced they won’t be stranded. What companies spend their money on, sometimes, remains a mystery.


***Here’s a really nice ad from BETC Paris for Lacoste, ‘Life is a Beautiful Sport.’

I guess it is. Personally, i’d just have bought her another drink and taken my chances.


***Somehow or other Oreos isn’t the world’s most loveable brand (it’s own by Mondelez after all) but this is another good ad

From Giovanni+Draftfcb in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


***So why don’t British agencies produce many ads as good as the ones above? Mostly Brit ads are just a re-statement of the brief for consumers who didn’t have the good (bad) fortune to be in on one of the interminable client meetings designed to produce mediocrity.

We shall return to this point as we go on. Maybe we might have a cunning plan…


***The coup of the week was undoubtedly Richard Pinder’s The House Worldlwide and Draftfcb landing the global Levi’s account. Joe Silberman tells me that Draftfcb’s new go-go boss Carter Murray worked for Richard, back in the day, at Leo Burnett in London. Nothing wrong with old pals, of course. Let’s hope it helps Levi’s new model agency arrangement work.


***As I get older (ouch!) I find myself drawn more and more to Van Morrison: you never know what you’re going to get but it’s (nearly) always good. He’s the master of re-invention in a way that, say, Dylan or Paul McCartney are not. And compared to the twangly British guitar bands de nos jours there’s no comparison.

Have a nice weekend.


  1. @Peter…
    Grumpy old men have more staying power, and it’s not fucking Viagra, it’s got more to do with the picture in the attic. Just ask “AdScams” Friday hottie, Kate Moss. She’s got a picture up there as well, along with a mummified Pete.

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