Now Honda joins the ranks of ‘feel good’ advertisers

Here’s yet another example of a big advertiser coming up with a meaningless anthem to make us all feel, in its own words, “pretty great.” Most recently it was Coca-Cola with its ‘Reasons To Believe’ film.

This one’s from RPA which defended and retained most of the gigantic US Honda account last year following a change of marketing management (possibly, judging by this, to a troupe of 11-year olds but we’ll have to check that out).

in an ad world up to its neck in research and ‘value specialists’, how can you produce something as meaningless and naff as this? Maybe that’s why….


  1. I thought Vintage Trouble were a pretty good band until I saw this. Meaningless, anodyne, happy-clappy corporate tripe of the worst kind. It’s like ‘Cog’ never happened.

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