JWT’s controversial spin on cops and robbers for KitKat

The police have a few image problems in the UK – one being that, for many people, it’s hard to tell the difference between them and the villains they’re supposed to protect us from (OK, the uniforms).

JWT London seems to be of the same mind with this new ‘Sweeney/Lock Stock’ film for Nestle’s KitKat, bringing back its venerable ‘Have a break, have…’ line.

Pretty good; someone in the political establishment will moan about it for undermining the boys in blue, no doubt.


  1. Thumbs up, chaps. Great idea. A nifty way of rebooting the ‘Have a Break’ line. Quite a good wheeze to cast the villain from ‘Lock Stock’ as a copper too…

  2. Thanks for your interest in our new ad. By the way KitKat is most definitely owned by Nestle not mondelez and if you get in touch we’ll send you the press release.

    Thanks for your comments Paul!

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