Anomaly’s anomalous Budweiser Super Bowl ad

And I thought Anomaly, the New York-based agency set up by Brit Carl Johnson among others, set its face against doing that traditional advertising stuff.

Well it’s been enlisted by Budweiser to make a Super Bowl spot and proceeds to marshal every ‘Ah-factor’ cliche in the book: a winsome puppy, horses in distress, a blonde and a syrupy soundtrack, to name but a few. Were the mould-breaker creatives convulsed with laughter when they wrote this?

It’s all done rather well, you have to admit. Even though it has sod all to do with Budweiser…

One Comment

  1. Ah well now there’s two misunderstandings ….one that we’re AGAINST advertising…which we’re not. We’re FOR doing the right thing whatever that is….and at Super Bowl time a big fuck off ad is exactly the right thing.

    The second misunderstanding is that we write work for juries…which we don’t. This is America and with 12 million views in 24 hours we’re understanding this audience quite well in this moment….which makes the creatives real people and pretty mellow about life.

    With Budweiser sales up 4 years in a row for the first time in two decades it even works!

    All good.

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