Has Sky missed a trick with Michael Caine ad debut?

Well I think it’s the great man’s British ad debut but no doubt someone will write in to tell me otherwise.

Anyway, here he is, about to purchase a nice home on the south coast but, as is the case with the British seaside, there’s no broadband signal. But then the rather winning estate agent’s assistants tells him…you get the rest.

Sky has certainly managed to enlist a stellar line-up of celebs in its latest campaign (Al Pacino, Bruce Willis) but you feel they might have got a bit more out of Caine. But celebs do what they want (he does anyway) and maybe Sir Michael didn’t fancy too much acting.

Here’s Caine in his prime. But tempus fugit, as they used to say in the forum.


  1. Bloody hell… What a waste of a bloody great talent. And you know they paid him a bloody fortune. Who’s the bloody agency? They should be bloody shot. Happy Bloody New Year to everyone.

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