Barclays targets the tear ducts with new Premier League ‘Thankyou’ TV ad from BBH

Blimey, not sure I can take all this humility and lovey-doveyness from British banks; at least you knew where you were when the bastards were stealing your money.

As ever, though, there’s a cunning plan and this emotion-laden ‘Thankyou’ ad from Barclays and BBH – thanking Premier League fans around the world for watching and contributing their modest share towards Wayne Rooney’s next hair job – is a classic case of selling one product by promoting another.

Isn’t David Wheldon, of Vodafone fame, in charge of this stuff? Anyway he basks in the glorious title of head of brand, citizenship and reputation or some such at Barclays. He’s got the knack of extracting money from the Barclays board though.

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  1. I wonder what medias and what markets the new ad from Barclays is appearing? As far as I can see, it’s only on their facebook page. Have you seen it anywhere else?

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