Y&R New York plumbs the depths for JC Penney

US retailer JC Penney is having a nightmarish time, changing CEOs as investors squabble over ways to revive the cash-strapped company.

So, to try to prove how young and hip it is, it’s hired Y&R New York to try to provide some young and hip advertising.

And here it is:

Interpublic’s DraftFCB recently hung on to the Kmart account against all the odds with a similar in-your-face approach but that, at least, had some humour.

But this campaign for JC Penney is a charmless atrocity.

Some parents in the US have complained that it endorses bullying. Dunno about that, but it certainly features a charmless brat.

Whatever happened to taste and judgement? Do some creatives check them in at reception?

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